Jul 29 2012

DIY: Swinging urban bike rack

I recently moved into a smaller apartment that doesn’t have a closet/porch where I can put my bicycle. There are a lot of really cool urban bike storage solutions, such as bike hoists ( Racor Pro Ceiling Mount Bike Lift ) and bike rests ( Gear Up Single Oak Bike Wall Rack ), but I had an added stipulation of not being able to drill into the walls in my apartment. I did like the hook storage solutions ( Delta Leonardo Single-Bike Rack ), but didn’t have a great wall to mount it on (in addition to not being able to drill). I do have a doorframe next to a mirror that is a prime location, but needed a way to be mount it off-angle (because handle bars are awkward).

I decided to take connect two boards with door hinges, and then mount one of the boards to the doorframe using L brackets (to secure the board to the top of the doorframe). Here’s a Google SketchUp:

The bike hook can then be mounted on the right pictured board that can swing open and shut. Some pictures of the completed rack in my apartment:

Bike against mirror

Bike against door

Hinge, L bracket, and hook detail view

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